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DC12V input 0 to 6KV 0 to 6000V high voltage power supply module output 1mA output accuracy of 0.01%


  • Model: 12Z602-1Y5V

  • Shipping Weight: 450g

  • Manufactured by: ECHO/HUIHAI

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Model: 12Z602-1Y5V

Size: 100 * 70 * 50mm

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: DC12V ± 10%

Output voltage: 0 ~ n 6000VDC

Output current: 1mA

Output Accuracy: 0.01%

Control: external control or remote control 0 ~ 5V

Package: Lead

Product description:

Precision high voltage power supply module design uses a new technology, small size, light weight, easy to control! With high stability, long life, easy installation and so on.

Due to high accuracy, very suitable for supporting the use of photomultiplier tubes. This series of modules voltage range 600 ~ 3000V (usually photomultiplier tube voltage range), accuracy of up to five hundred thousandths. Voltage can also be used for other areas of higher accuracy.

Overall effect of the product

Closeup input line

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Product Features:
◆ Low Ripple 0.005%
◆ When a small drift of 0.1% to 0.01%
Small ◆ 0.1% to 0.01% drift
◆ Adjustable output voltage linearly throughout
◆ high conversion efficiency
◆ load capacity
◆ superior protection, long short circuit.

This product is accepted custom requirements, tailored to your various high voltage power products, custom ranges are as follows:
◆ Output voltage: DC 10V to 100KV, can be "0" or "arbitrary voltage" from the transfer, it can be fixed output.
For example: 0 ~ 100V, 0 ~ 1KV, 1KV (fixed), 500V ~ 50KV ......
◆ Output current: 1mA to 2A.
◆ Input voltage: 12V DC to 330V or AC 110V to 220V.
◆ Other optional parameters: output polarity; output current; output accuracy; drift; time drift; adjustment method; grounding; protection; wiring; Dimensions;, and other requirements of users.

Even if you are a custom power products, we will also offer shorter lead times, for your dedication to offer quality products and good service.

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